Aug 282019

Families can be frustrating, isolating, and psychologically damaging, it’s true, but they can also provide nourishment and support and occasionally a quite handjob while mom’s sleeping on the sofa. Wait – what? Dad Crush discards all social mores, codes, and standards, letting the long bubbling lust between a father figure and his attention-seeking step-daughter explode, letting potential disaster strike and possibly destroying the family unit entirely. DadCrush, it seems, knows what’s worth it and what isn’t: casting a bevy of today’s brightest young starlets in character-driven scenes that often feature multiple sexual encounters placed over a day or two of heavy flirting, this step-cest site takes things to a whole ‘nother level. Delivered to viewers in High Definition streams and downloads exclusively available at this Team Skeet-operated site, Dad Crush sees father figures lay down the law or, in some cases, prove to be total pushovers when a the pretty young adult daughter of their spouse throws a few dozen flirty looks their way. The resulting sex is heavy on in-character dirty-talk, plenty of sultry eye contact, and some saucy secrets to keep from mom. Dad Crush isn’t yet a part of any real network but even on its own, this is a raunchy and irreverent take on the immensely popular step-cest sub-genre.

DadCrush Series with Trisha Parks:

Taking its time to get each scene established with character, motivation, and environment, Dad Crush plays out a lot like a virtual date, only this time the woman in question is arguably the one female you really shouldn’t be looking at so lustily. Whether she asks her step-dad for help, money, or advice and he promptly provides all that (and more), or whether he’s taking a more coercive and corruptive role, Dad Crush is more than just sex.

The young ladies playing slutty step-daughters at Dad Crush include plenty of exciting new porno talents. Daisy Stone, Emily Willis, Pamela Morrison, Maya Kendrick, and Amilia Onyx all appear here in raunchy racy seductions and, on occasion, even team up for a two-daughter dad-fucking adventure you won’t soon forget.

With two or three sexual encounters included in most DadCrush scenes, fans are given plenty of opportunities to ogle the lusty lil’ sluts disgracing their families. And, in awesome 1080p HD downloads and 540p streams, everything looks pretty damn tasty here. So tasty, in fact, that such transgressions against our families start to seem a little harder to ignore. Photo galleries also provide tantalizing shots online and in zipped sets.

A new and delightfully forbidden daddy-daughter encounter lands here every Sunday – presumably while mom’s off to church or out shopping – and adds to the exclusive growing archive ready and waiting to be devoured by Dad Crush members. There’s 93 scenes already online and, discounted to $14.87 per month, a Dad Crush membership provides access to all.

Not only is each Dad Crush scene published with almost no worthwhile information – no model names, no stuntcock credits, no keyword tags or detailed description of the action – but there’s no real navigation tools to speak of. Members are left with simple numbered pages to scroll through, totally relying on their own recognition of sexy new starlets to make viewing decisions.

Perhaps the decision to keep Dad Crush free of any performer names or credits is an attempt to make it seem more authentic. Obviously this isn’t going to work when we can see any one of these lusty young ladies sucking and fucking elsewhere for cash and celebrity. (And it seems almost completely unbelievable that step-dads and daughters talk to each other in such obviously sexual tones, but hey – fantasies!)

Team Skeet, the network that quietly supports Dad Crush hasn’t been opened up to Dad Crush subscribers. Other promising new sites like Teens Love Black Cocks, Sis Loves Me, Shoplyfter, and Ginger Patch all remain off-limits to DadCrush subscribers unless they fork out extra cyber-cash for individual passes to each outlet.

Cramming a couple of encounters into each video release, Dad Crush provides fans with multiple pop-shots. Often starting out with a basic (and reluctant) blowjob ending in a fake oral creampie, scenes then progress to penetrative sex and more questionable ejaculations. Are there really no male pornstars able to blow twice in one day?